March, 25, 2017,

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Guerrilla Exhibition at Inaugural Fried Chicken Festival, New Orleans

Review: Chunkism

By Renee Montgomery During this era of fake news and ‘alternative facts’ propagated on the Internet, painter/performance artist Adam Carnes confronts the public with hyper-realistic...

Review: [In]Translation

By Krystle Brewer Separated by the immeasurable space between two minds, the ability to directly connect with another individual must be facilitated through spoken and...

Top Essays

Amy Archambault, “inMotion”: Memories of Invented Play, 2015. Image copyright by Melissa Blackwell.

Pushing the Boundaries of Public Art

By Heather Lunsford When I recently moved to Oklahoma, I was anxious to get out and around the state to experience the collection I would...

Top Interviews

The Subjective Object: a Conversation with Marilyn Artus

Michaela Slavid talks with Marilyn Artus about how feminism, patriotism, and signifiers manifest in her work. Michaela Slavid: Start us off. Where did your career...


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