November, 16, 2018,

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The Outsiders, 1983

Film Review: The Outsiders

By Jill Hardy “When I stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house…” If you immediately recognize those words, you may...

Review: Lady Parts

By Jarica Walsh There is a giant inflated uterus floating in the gallery of Individual Artists of Oklahoma (IAO), and it is impossible to ignore....

Top Essays

Amy Archambault, “inMotion”: Memories of Invented Play, 2015. Image copyright by Melissa Blackwell.

Pushing the Boundaries of Public Art

By Heather Lunsford When I recently moved to Oklahoma, I was anxious to get out and around the state to experience the collection I would...

Top Interviews

The Subjective Object: a Conversation with Marilyn Artus

Michaela Slavid talks with Marilyn Artus about how feminism, patriotism, and signifiers manifest in her work. Michaela Slavid: Start us off. Where did your career...


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