December, 13, 2018,
Django image courtesy of the Oklahoma City Museum of Art

Film Review: Django

By Jill Hardy In his essay “The Sacred Wood: Essays on Poetry and Criticism,” T.S. Eliot wrote “Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal; bad poets...
Guerrilla Exhibition at Inaugural Fried Chicken Festival, New Orleans

Review: Chunkism

By Renee Montgomery During this era of fake news and ‘alternative facts’ propagated on the Internet, painter/performance artist Adam Carnes confronts the public with hyper-realistic...

Review: [In]Translation

By Krystle Brewer Separated by the immeasurable space between two minds, the ability to directly connect with another individual must be facilitated through spoken and...
Image still from The Lovers and The Despot

Film Review: The Lovers and The Despot

By Kyle Cohlmia Propaganda film is a genre primarily associated with war. From Mussolini to Mao, dictators from around the world have commissioned, or rather,...